The Сhoir from Arkansas

Сhristmas values in practice


The First Baptist church chorus' ministry from Hot Springs, state Arkansas became a big blessing for us. According to the program they should  have visited different churches in different areas in Ukraine. The places where our foundation is functioning - Kurne station  and Dovbysh village - were also included in the list. Having come to Kurne station our guests had an opportunity to hear about and, which is more productive, to see what is our foundation dealing with. They also brought different stuff which was given as a present to our sewing shop. After a small Ukrainian snack chorus went to Dovbysh nursing home where they could have a chat with the residents of nursing home.

Answers to prayers about the needs of the Nursing Home.

Completion of qualified staff


The Dovbysh Nursing Home is 10 months being been under guardianship of the "Hope for everyone" charitable foundation. We had problems with the nurses stаff from the very beginning of our work. There was no opportunity to support financially the nurses around the clock. The nurse, who was in the staff,

5th anniversary of the Dovbysh Nursing Home

Picnic for the residents and the staff 


On September the 9-th our charitable foundation "Hope for everyone" celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Dovbysh Nursing Home. That’s why there was made a decision by our team to organize a small picnic in the open air for the residents and the staff of Dovbysh Nursing Home. Since the seniors spend most of their time in the rooms, enjoying quality time outdoors brought some variety to their settled and measured lifestyle. The local community representative personally came to congratulate the grannies with this wonderful date.

The team from the First Baptist Church of Hot Springs

Showing God's love in action

About a week ago our charitable foundation “Hope for everyone” was privileged to welcome and host our good friends from First Baptist Church of Hot Springs. This time a team of 8 ladies and 6 men left their homes to bring the light of Gospel and share the love of our Savior Jesus Christ with the people of Kurne village and Dovbysh. 

Women in crisis situations


Vita’s life story

Today we would like to share with you a life story of our new resident. Her name is Vita. She is 30. The girl was born in Chervonosilka village (Zhytomyr region) in an ordinary Ukrainian family. Her father passed away when she was about to finish her 9-th grade at school. Vita had to leave school and find some job since her mom and granny were unable to help her financially. Very soon, being a 19-year-old girl she met her first husband and the father of her first child named Khristina. But her happiness didn’t last long and less than in a year he left Vita with a kid. After some time, Vita got acquainted with a man and they started living in civil marriage where they gave birth to her second child Maksim.

Dovbysh nursing home. Transition from governmental institution to a non-profit one.

Reaching out for a peaceful and secure old age


Not so long time ago Dovbysh nursing home became a part of our charitable foundation “Hope for everyone”. As soon as we appeared to be in charge there was made a decision to improve the living conditions of its residents. Now with the financial assistance of Pastor Gearl and his friends from the US we are busy with the inner renovations since the building was quite neglected because of the cut budget from the government who were in charge here before us. Notwithstanding our friends' great help there is still a lot to be done in the matter of the living condition improvements so any other financial support will be urgent and very much appreciated.

When dreams come true

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased” (Hebrews 13:16).

These two wonderful grannies are Mariya and Nadya, 88 and 70 years correspondingly. They are the residents of Dovbysh nursing home who under the circumstances have no relatives to take care of them. Moreover, Mariya  got blind  5 years ago while her friend Nadia started rapidly losing her eyesight . The expensive surgery on substitution of an eye lens with an artificial one could help both of them. One would be able to see again and the other would get a chance to stop the regression and preserve the current eyesight. It’s no use saying that Dovbysh nursing home just couldn’t afford it.

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