A special person in a charitable foundation.

Katerina Polishchuk - Cook Assistant.

Katerina Polishchuk, a girl of 17 years of age, spent two months of internship at Hope for everyone charitable foundation. Since birth, Katya was a special child. Popularly, these people with Down syndrome are called "children of the sun" and Katya fully justifies this characteristic. The girl is studying at the Zhytomyr trade school to become a chef and during her work - internship in the kitchen she was always friendly and smiling.


 помощник повара

Katya helped the cooks in the kitchen to peel potatoes, chop onions, carrots, and also happily helped to set the tables in the dining room and distributed food to the residents. Thanks to her inner openness and purity, the girl gained trust among the staff of the team and those living in the house for senior people.

 помощник повара

Katerina loved working here, she did not feel deprived or in need of anything and in the future she has a great desire to be an employee of nursing home.

 помощник повара

We, the foundation staff, are grateful to God that we can somehow help and participate in the lives of such special and bright people like Katya. Also 'thank you' very much to all the people who support us financially. Without your help, we would not be able to do so many good deeds!


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