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Helping Widow's and Nursing Houses


Our live stock program aimed to support our ministry in general and maternity house program in particular is developing. Praise Lord! Those of you who follow us on Facebook and our site are aware of the details , if not, I will shortly refresh them in this article. Moving on in our vision to build a community outreach centre for elderly people, mothers in crisis and the handicapped we soon realized that without a solid food economy it would be next to impossible to reach this goal.

Village kids

Celebrating Christmas with children


Wintertime is probably one of the most loved seasons among our children. A lot of snow, winter holidays, the celebration of New Year and Christmas, these are only several reasons why kids like winter so much. It’s worth saying that because of the difference between Julian and Gregorian calendars Christmas is celebrated in Ukraine on January 7 while in the countries of Western Europe and majority of other countries on December 25.

Dental help for villagers

"Mercy trucks of Ukraine"


Today’s Ukraine faces a lot of problems in different spheres: social, economic, political, both home and foreign etc. Medical care doesn’t stand aside and leaves way too much to be desired. Preventive medicine which is paid special attention to in developed countries is absolutely neglected in our one. You can double these problems if we speak about villages.

Moving on in our vision

Drilling a  well


Something we only dared dreaming of found its beginning in Kurne village by God’s wonderful grace. Our bold vision of building a big community outreach centre started with drilling a well of 142 feet deep to provide running water for its future needs. With our friends’ support both financial and spiritual we managed to hire specialists, obtain and lay pipes and organize the whole process connected with it.

Village children

Sunday school starts

Last week we got our Sunday school started. The day appeared to be rainy, cold and dreary but our hearts were full of joy and love for God. Everyone was excited to see kids coming. The topic of Sunday school was opposite to a gloomy weather outside – “God is light”.

Maternity house program

Karina's story


Karina was born in Turkmenistan. In the age of 3 she together with her grandmother left for Russia where the girl lived 10 years attending kindergarten and school. During that time her mother married a Ukrainian man and changed her place of residence. Now living in Ukraine she demanded that her daughter should be brought back to her. The grandmother was made to bring her from Russia to Ukraine where since that time she was taken care of by her mom. As the family experienced hard times she had to start working at the age of 15.

Maternity house program

  Masha's story 

Masha was born in Ukraine in a small village of Zhitomir region. She was  raised in a family where both parents were alcoholics. Living a hard life,  being often beaten by her parents Masha’s only desire was to leave the  family as soon as possible. After finishing school she left her parents and  moved together with her boyfriend to a rented house.

Village camp Ray of Light

It is been the 2nd year for volunteers of Hope for Everyone Ministries to do the camp for the village children. Praise God that notwithstanding many obstacles He made it happen. The camp has been a great blessing for the village people. 64 children attended the camp during 5 day. At the camp we had different activities with the children - Bible lessons, crafts, games, all-camp games. Our drama team performed different skits from Jesus' life.

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