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Vita’s life story

Today we would like to share with you a life story of our new resident. Her name is Vita. She is 30. The girl was born in Chervonosilka village (Zhytomyr region) in an ordinary Ukrainian family. Her father passed away when she was about to finish her 9-th grade at school. Vita had to leave school and find some job since her mom and granny were unable to help her financially. Very soon, being a 19-year-old girl she met her first husband and the father of her first child named Khristina. But her happiness didn’t last long and less than in a year he left Vita with a kid. After some time, Vita got acquainted with a man and they started living in civil marriage where they gave birth to her second child Maksim.

But her common-law husband appeared to be a heavy drunkard and for her kids’ sake she had to part from him.

While alive Vita’s mom and granny helped her as much as they could to take care of her children, since the girl was busy making a living. Vita got to our maternity home after she had got married to her third husband and the father of her third child. They had been living together 8 years and everything seemed to be ok when her husband started drinking and as result abusing her and her children. Fleeing from domestic violence she was advised to address our charitable foundation “Hope for everyone” where Vita and her children are now residents under the program “Women in crisis”. Praise Lord, she and her children are safe now. Kids attend a local school and have already made a lot of friends there. Vita is absolutely alone in this world. She has no brothers or sisters, her mom and granny died several years ago. But despite all this we would like to show that she is in no way alone and there is God whose love to her and her kids is eternal and unconditional. The desire of our hearts is to share this love not by words but in action. 


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