Answers to prayers about the needs of the Nursing Home.

Completion of qualified staff


The Dovbysh Nursing Home is 10 months being been under guardianship of the "Hope for everyone" charitable foundation. We had problems with the nurses stаff from the very beginning of our work. There was no opportunity to support financially the nurses around the clock. The nurse, who was in the staff,

assisted the residents  only in the day- shift. During the night-shifts residents could receive the help only from the person who janitorial cleaning in the buildings.  It wasn't always effective. But thanks to Pastor Gearl and the team from One Heart Church who found the support that gave an opportunity for " Hope for Everyone" foundation to hire four more registered nurses. In order to make their work more productive the staff schedule was created.

Currently seniors are 24-hour under medical supervision, they are qualified with medical assistance .

We give our thanks to God, pastor Gearl and all those people who support our ministry. 



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