Life changed by God's power

What has changed in lives of Valentina and her children.  

Valentina and her kids have been the residents of our maternity home for one year and a half already. You can learn more of her life story if you follow the link below.

We asked Valentina to share on what has changed in her life since that time.


“I became a resident of maternity home in February 26, 2016. That was a time I found myself in extremely tense life circumstances with 6 kids to take care of. It was blistering cold, we had no place to live in, I was lost and desperate. When it looked like there was no hope at all the charitable foundation “Hope for everyone” offered its help bringing hope for secure and protected life for me and my children. Since then my life changed completely and keeps on changing further as well. I would never have thought that people who were absolutely unfamiliar to me could become my best friends. We are like one family. My kids who used to be frightened and asocial are now open and full of joy. They attend local public school and Sunday school and made friends with many kids there. In September 2016 I repented and am now planning and praying to get baptized. My life has changed completely and for the better. God is good and soon I hopefully will become His child.”

We as the team of “Hope for everyone” support Valentina in her desire to get closer to Christ and are praying about her and her children. Praise Lord for being instruments in His hands and many thanks to all our friends for your spiritual and financial help.


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