Living in conditions of quarantine and crisis

News from the Home of Honorable Ageing: living in conditions of quarantine and crisis.

Right now our elderly people and youth with special needs, who are always happy to welcome visitors, also are caught in isolation of quarantine. Watching TV news is their connection with the outside world, which scares more day after day. But the staff of the Home doesn’t give up and continues to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our honorable residents. We included more vitamins into nutrition, our doctor continues to watch carefully after the seniors’ health condition, we clean and disinfect the facility even more thoroughly.

 жизнь в условиях карантина

Right before the quarantine we were able to order audio program “Faith from Hearing” that consists of recorded Bible texts, a great number of sermons on the Word of God, spiritual poems, songs and testimonies. It became a blessing under these circumstances because the Word of God helps our honorable friends not to despair after watching the news reports. Daily they get together in a room of bed-ridden people, they turn on the Word of God, and they listen for hours and pray afterwards. For some people it is hard to believe in God’s love – conscious years of life during soviet regime have its consequences - but they also join these gatherings. We rejoice that a significant number of our friends have believed in Jesus’ love and accepted Him into their hearts, that’s why they have energy to pray for Ukraine and the world in these hard days. Someone asked if they are afraid of the virus, in response grandmother Nadia said: “We have a Great Doctor – Jesus, and with Him there is no fear of death.” Praise the Lord that here people have an opportunity to get to know our Savior Jesus, to find meaning, joy and hope in Him.

 помощник повара

Please, remember us in your prayer during these hard times, since we face new challenges: • Diapers (our supplies will hardly be enough till the end of the month) • Price increase for food • God’s protections from the virus for our elderly, for the doctor and the staff) • Means of protection for the staff (masks, gloves) • Spiritual audio and video materials for encouragement.

 жизнь в условиях карантина

 жизнь в условиях карантина

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