The story of Tanya

Home of honorable ageing, meet the residents.

Tanya is an incredibly cheerful and positive young lady. After spending some time with her you will feel encouraged, you will have a desire to enjoy life and you will take your problems easier. But Tanya’s story is not easy. Beside being limited in physical abilities and unable to do many things that are ordinary for other people, she lost her father and brother too early, and they were the only support for her and her mom. When Tanya and her mother Mila remained alone, the mom’s health began to fail, there were days when it was impossible to take care of Tanya. It was scary and painful for Tanya to think about the future, but hope never left our young lady. The secret of Tanya’s optimism is hidden in her faith in kindness and love of God, Whom she had loved in her teenage years after hearing about Jesus from friends . Tanya prayed for the Lord to take care of her and her mom, and a year and a half ago they both came to live in the Home of honorable ageing. Here Tanya gets the needed support and care and her mother has an opportunity to rest more. Also Tanya has a ministry here: she communicates with elderly people, encourages them and when there are guest preachers at the Home, Tanya prays along with them for her neighbors.


Tanya remembers her friends from Zhytomyr and she is missing them, she has asked to send greetings to everyone and she is inviting them to come over for a visit. Our hope is that her friends will be able to see this post and to send her their greetings and encouragements. And better than that – if they find an opportunity to come over to see Tanya.

  story of Tanya

We also want to ask you to pray for financial provision for the Home, so that people don’t have fears for their future.

  story of Tanya

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