Unusual celebration at the Nursing home

«He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved»

‭‭Mark‬ ‭16:16‬ ‭

Our constant readers, and those, who take an active part in our ministry, remember for sure two elderly ladies Nadya and Mariya, who had the operation on their eyes. Qualitative and well-done operation became the beginning of big changes - they could not only see partially again ( after being in complete darkness for many years Mariya is able to see with one eye, Nadya, by recognizing silhouettes, can walk alone), but they began to meditate about the life sense, about the destination of every person. In all things - in the way they were treated and also in the operation paid, they had seen something more than moral standards that  determined the people's behavior. This stimulated them to visit Bible study hours which were conducted by Evangelical Christians every Tuesday. Reading of the Bible, singing of Christians hymns and songs, homely conversations opened for grannies that One, Who stimulated people to behave with them so good and compassionate. Nadya and Mariya  confessed their sins and invited Jesus Christ to their hearts. They also stated the willingness to devote the life to God by taking the Holy Water Baptism. 


      Since grannies are not young and have problems with the health it was decided to conduct the baptism in the Nursing home. A lot of people came to share this joy with elderly ladies. There were people from Dovbysh, Novograd-Volynsky, Pulyny, Zhytomyr. Pastor from Dovbysh church led the discipling part of the celebration. Baptismal service was led by Pastor Cherniavsky. Before the many witnesses Nadya and Mariya gave the promise to serve God with good conscience. Then Pastor Prokopchyk share the Holy Supper with grannies and all Christians present. His playing on the accordion and singing were a big blessing for all people. Very tasty cooked dinner and endless сommunication between the guests and residents of the Nursing home was the beautiful ending of this awesome day. 


     Charitable foundation "Hope for Everyone" is sincerely thankful to God for His mercy towards the ladies and all His miracles in their lives. We also express our deep gratitude to all who helps us in our ministry. We need your constant prayers about our foundation, and also about residents and staff of the Nursing home. Thanks a lot for those who support us financially, a lot of things couldn't be possible without your help. May God bless you with His special blessings!


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