A special person in a charitable foundation.

Katerina Polishchuk - Cook Assistant.

Katerina Polishchuk, a girl of 17 years of age, spent two months of internship at Hope for everyone charitable foundation. Since birth, Katya was a special child. Popularly, these people with Down syndrome are called "children of the sun" and Katya fully justifies this characteristic. The girl is studying at the Zhytomyr trade school to become a chef and during her work - internship in the kitchen she was always friendly and smiling.

Joyful winter events

Jason and Shannon Terry, our wonderful friends and temporary missionaries from First Baptist Church, Hot Springs, AR. It is Jason's first time in Ukraine, but Shannon's third time in Ukraine and at Hope for everyone.

Unusual celebration at the Nursing home


«He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved»

‭‭Mark‬ ‭16:16‬ ‭

Our constant readers, and those, who take an active part in our ministry, remember for sure two elderly ladies Nadya and Mariya, who had the operation on their eyes. Qualitative and well-done operation became the beginning of big changes - they could not only see partially again ( after being in complete darkness for many years Mariya is able to see with one eye, Nadya, by recognizing silhouettes, can walk alone), but they began to meditate about the life sense, about the destination of every person. In all things - in the way they were treated and also in the operation paid, they had seen something more than moral standards that  determined the people's behavior. This stimulated them to visit Bible study hours which were conducted by Evangelical Christians every Tuesday. Reading of the Bible, singing of Christians hymns and songs, homely conversations opened for grannies that One, Who stimulated people to behave with them so good and compassionate. Nadya and Mariya  confessed their sins and invited Jesus Christ to their hearts. They also stated the willingness to devote the life to God by taking the Holy Water Baptism. 

The second Ray of Light children's camp in Dovbysh

Day camp for Ukrainian countryside children.

Summer is the favorite season for many people, and for children this is a special, blessed chapter of life. It's a carefree time of cheerfulness, new acquaintances, friends, interesting games and a casual pastime. Add here Bible study, Christian songs and crafts and you will receive a day-long children's camp, held by the "Hope for Everyone" charitable foundation in the village of Dovbysh.

"Mercy Trucks Ukraine" in Dovbysh

Dentist help for the needy       

          Although Ukrainians consider itself the habitants of the developed European country, many questions of touching everyday life are simply in catastrophic situation. A problem lies a little more in an economical plane ( although it plays not the last role ), how many in mentality of citizens of our country. Most people got used to search the ways of permission of problems after their origin, but does not begin to think about the necessity of operating under their prevention. All of it as good as possible goes near description of matter-position in the field of health protection. And if it more or less is decided for city-dwellers, then for the habitants of settlements and villages a situation is deplorable.

Dovbysh Nursing home daily routine

New faces among the residents

Visiting nursing homes earlier we saw the conditions in which people who had worked and lived all their lives for country prosperity. The living conditions were not always good, there were problems with medication, medical supervision, etc. We and our friends always tried to help in such occasions. We didn't think much when a chance appeared to take one of those homes under our guardianship. We experienced a lot of problems connected with doubts and distrust of local authorities but with God's help we went through all that.

The Сhoir from Arkansas

Сhristmas values in practice


The First Baptist church chorus' ministry from Hot Springs, state Arkansas became a big blessing for us. According to the program they should  have visited different churches in different areas in Ukraine. The places where our foundation is functioning - Kurne station  and Dovbysh village - were also included in the list. Having come to Kurne station our guests had an opportunity to hear about and, which is more productive, to see what is our foundation dealing with. They also brought different stuff which was given as a present to our sewing shop. After a small Ukrainian snack chorus went to Dovbysh nursing home where they could have a chat with the residents of nursing home.

Answers to prayers about the needs of the Nursing Home.

Completion of qualified staff


The Dovbysh Nursing Home is 10 months being been under guardianship of the "Hope for everyone" charitable foundation. We had problems with the nurses stаff from the very beginning of our work. There was no opportunity to support financially the nurses around the clock. The nurse, who was in the staff,

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