Dovbysh nursing home. Transition from governmental institution to a non-profit one.

Reaching out for a peaceful and secure old age


Not so long time ago Dovbysh nursing home became a part of our charitable foundation “Hope for everyone”. As soon as we appeared to be in charge there was made a decision to improve the living conditions of its residents. Now with the financial assistance of Pastor Gearl and his friends from the US we are busy with the inner renovations since the building was quite neglected because of the cut budget from the government who were in charge here before us. Notwithstanding our friends' great help there is still a lot to be done in the matter of the living condition improvements so any other financial support will be urgent and very much appreciated.



There are about 25 residents in the nursing home at the moment. When I come here and see grannies sitting and looking somewhere in the distance as if waiting for somebody I remember my granny who would sit in the yard of her house waiting for me or my mom to come to visit her. The only difference between my granny and those in Dovbysh nursing home is that the last ones have no one to visit them. They are taken a good care of but often when I look in their eyes I realize there is something they lack. I speak about attention. Yes, they learned how to entertain themselves and sometimes you can see them sitting in circle and singing some national Ukrainian songs but most of the time they spend all by themselves reading or meditating over smth only they know. We from all our hearts want them to feel happier and pray for God to provide volunteers who could come and spend at least some time with these wonderful ladies bringing more joy and attention to the solitude of their lives. All together we can do it. We humbly ask you to support us in this intention by prayer or any other means.


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