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Surely everyone has heard the word "volunteer" at least once in a lifetime. Probably some people didn't even pay much attention to it, but believe me, it is a very serious kind of activity. To be exact these are volunteers, who give some people hope in their life. So what does it mean? Volunteering - it is only giving. It can be freewill sacrificing of personal time, strength, it is unselfish help for other people. In other words - to do good for others, for no reason, not waiting for the feedback and reward. Volunteer is a person who carries trust in good, hope for future and love to others.

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Awareness is one of the first volunteering activity characteristics. It is the moment when the impulse to do good comes from within the person, from personal principles, values, motives and wishes. The next but not less important characteristics - initiative - when the person doesn't wait for the prompts, but sees what he ought to do; freewill participation - when people act without the slightest coercion, guided by their own wishes exclusively; unselfishness - the real volunteer is not motivated by the profit or advantages and also he doesn't expect for the financial reward for his work, even if the person has no personal benefit he, nevertheless, will be volunteering.

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Yes, really, there is no labor compensation, but there are other advantages, that one cannot have with money:

* the work with those, whom you are on the way with, you are the team, united by the same goal,

* new friends and acquaintances will open new possibilities in understanding others,

* you'll become important and necessary, after all, somebody needs you right now,

* you'll gain the experience and become happier, because doing good is a confident step to the happiness, occupying yourself with what you love is happiness itself. In fact, Exeter University researchers took a poll and found out that number of death within volunteers are in 22% lower.

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If you wish to help the neighbors, if you feel like it's your life mission, than we always gladly welcome you to our "Hope for Everyone" charitable foundation team. The charitable foundation "Hope for Everyone" will be glad in receiving help of social volunteers and psychologists - it's communication and carrying the residents of Dovbysh Nursing home; children ministry volunteers - Good News class and crafts; women' s ministry volunteers. More detailed information about our ministry you can read by going. Also you can fill up a form of volunteer and we will connect you. Because of your help we will make the world a little bit better!

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