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  Masha's story 

Masha was born in Ukraine in a small village of Zhitomir region. She was  raised in a family where both parents were alcoholics. Living a hard life,  being often beaten by her parents Masha’s only desire was to leave the  family as soon as possible. After finishing school she left her parents and  moved together with her boyfriend to a rented house.

Village camp Ray of Light

It is been the 2nd year for volunteers of Hope for Everyone Ministries to do the camp for the village children. Praise God that notwithstanding many obstacles He made it happen. The camp has been a great blessing for the village people. 64 children attended the camp during 5 day. At the camp we had different activities with the children - Bible lessons, crafts, games, all-camp games. Our drama team performed different skits from Jesus' life.

Visiting Novograd Orphanage

Natasha says 'hello' to everyone from GAIN team who visited Zhytomyr shelter for homeless children. During the academic year she lives in the orphanage in Novograd about 100 km from Zhytomyr. Last week while visiting orphanage in Novograd I had a chance to visit with her a little. Please, pray that the Lord keep Natasha in His hands for the rest of her life.

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