Summer day camp "Ray of light" 2016

Summer camp for village kids

Summer moves on and our long-expected and so much prayed of summer camp started several days ago welcoming about 50 village kids to spend a blessed and special time together. These were 6 days of fun, Bible study, making new friends, doing crafts, singing and of course playing different learning games and engaging in sport activities.

Misha and Max

Hosting two boys from Dovbysh orphanage  for a summer time

These two boys are Max and Misha. They are 10 and 8 correspondingly and both are currently under care of Dovbysh orphanage. Dovbysh orphanage is a specialized school for children from disadvantaged families who spend almost of their time there except summer holidays when all the kids are taken away by the relatives or any other people responsible for them.

Bible school break

A little picnic with our young learners


Summer is here which means, we have to take a little break in our Bible school (since most of the  kids are busy helping their parents about the house, in the kitchen garden or grazing cattle), to draw some conclusions and start praying for its continuation in the beginning of the school year. Looking back to the time we spent with our young learners during Bible lessons meditating over the God’s Word, doing crafts and enjoying our communion together in general, we can surely say it was a time of blessing for us and, we sincerely hope, for children as well.

Summer day camp

Getting prepared for children summer camp

Summer is a special time both for children and their parents. Kids enjoy summer holidays and have a lot of free time while their mothers and fathers are busy working. As a result young people stay guideless which may sometimes lead to different problems.

Blessing others

Wheelchairs for Dovbysh nursing house 


One of the main life principles of our charitable foundation sounds as “we are blessed to be a blessing”. We closely cooperate with international charitable foundations as well as Ukrainian state social services, orphanages and nursing houses sharing God’s love and blessing and trying to help all those in need.

Sunday school

Sunday school on the go

We are glad to inform that our Sunday school is going on. Since the last visit of American group and their meeting with village kids, we have experienced more children coming to our Sunday school meetings.

Bringing the Good News to children

A visit  of One Heart Church team

 “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth”.(1John 3:18)

Very often we come across people in our life who say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions, not words, that matter.

Families in crisis situations



According to statistics every fourth Ukrainian woman appears to be a victim of domestic violence. A great number of reported murders in Ukraine are resulting from family abuse. 50% of homeless women and children decide on living in the streets escaping from violence in their families. The numbers are shocking, aren’t they. But for many that’s just the way of life, a daily struggle for life.

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