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Luda's story 

Luda is a new resident of our maternity home. She was born in Putylovychi, a small village in Zhitomir region.

The woman is 26. She is a mother of 3 kids but is taking care of only one of her children (daughter) at the moment. Luda first became a mother in the age of 20 when she left her village and moved to Zhitomir for better life and career prospects. Soon afterwards she gave birth to her second child. That was the time when Luda started drinking heavily. Of course, being alcohol dependant, living indecent life she was soon deprived of parental rights. Two of her children were taken to orphanage.

In 2016 she became a mother for the third time and just when the woman was about to be deprived of parental rights for the second time, our foundation “Hope for everyone” lent her a helping hand giving hope for a better life both for her and her kid. While preparing all necessary documentation for her to become a new resident of our maternity home we found out that she was pregnant, so the lady is waiting for her 4-th child at the moment. If she is a resident of our maternity home and follows all prescribed rules she can bring up her children without any threaten of them to be taken away by social services.

Prayer request for our former resident

   Missed blessing

Those who follow us are aware of one of the programs our charitable foundation is involved in. It’s women in crisis. These are usually young women with kids who found themselves in hard life situations, lost and desperate for any help. Very often they are homeless or running from domestic violence. Some of the ladies coming to “Hope for everyone” are alcohol dependant and socially inept which makes the situation even worse as we have to teach them basic things about cooking , kids upbringing and sometimes even personal hygiene. Almost all the ladies face a choice - to go to our maternity home or to be deprived of parental rights. We with God’s help do everything possible to help these women become fully ready for challenges they can meet in life and keep children. The ladies are to follow some rules and schedule to reach all mentioned above. But very often their unwillingness and desire to go back to previous way of life lead to no good. And what breaks our hearts is that their kids are the ones who suffer most of all. 

Sharing the joy of Christmas with the residents of Dovbysh nursing home

A Christmas play and sweet gifts for Dovbysh nursing home

Those who read us know that one of the directions we work in is helping nursing homes. One of them is situated in Dovbysh and very often we go there to visit elderly people bringing them medication, food supplies, cloth, etc… One of the most important things for the residents of nursing homes except for the ones mentioned above is care and attention. They are always happy to see visitors as nothing really much happens in their regular (monotonous) life-style.

Congratulating schoolchildren with the holidays

A play, sweet gifts and football sportswear for  school learners of Kurne

Winter is a wonderful season especially loved by children mostly because of winter holidays, snow, New Year and Christmas. Our charitable foundation “Hope for everyone” together with the young learners from our Sunday school decided to congratulate the children of Kurne by performing a play about our Savior Jesus Christ and, of course, by giving out sweet gifts. It’s worth saying that there is a habit in a local schoo

Targeted help for Dovbysh nursing home


Warm blankets and woolen shoes for Dovbysh nursing home


Several days ago our charitable foundation "Hope for everyone" on behalf of and in cooperation with "One Heart Church"  obtained and distributed warm blankets and woolen shoes among the residents of Dovbysh nursing home. 

Medication for orphanages

Medication for Dovbysh and Novograd-Volynsk orphanages


Last week our charitable foundation in cooperation with One Heart Church obtained so needed medication for the children of Dovbysh and Novograd-Volynsk orphanages.  This decision was made by pastor Gearl after visiting several orphanages and finding out how poorly they had been supported by the government. There was a need almost in everything.

Maternity Home


 Marina became a new resident of our maternity home several weeks ago. Now we’ve got 3 ladies in crisis with their kids living in our rehab center.

Marina is 36. She is a mother of 5 kids but is taking care of only one of her children (son Bohdan) at the moment. Being alcohol dependant, living indecent life and having 4 kids she was deprived of parental rights. All her 4 children were taken to orphanage while she found herself in the street with no place to live in, penniless and pregnant with her 5-th child. Being alcohol dependent she was taken to one of the rehabilitation centers for ladies in Ostroh, Western Ukraine. There she realized she didn't want to be parted with her future child and firmly decided to personally bring him up. Since the above mentioned rehab centre was aimed to give shelter to only single ladies without kids they addressed our charitable foundation Hope for everyone with the help request.

Men's group. Construction project.

Friends from Hot Springs, Arkansas

 In our previous piece of news we wrote about the group of ladies who came to Ukraine to share God's love and bring the Gospel to people of Kurne village.

 Just the next day the ladies left back to the USA after a great work they all did here we were glad to welcome a second group, this time consisting merely of men, in our village. There are many different ways how we can serve God and people around us. These Godly men came to Ukraine to apply their construction skills in practice and help us build a guest house, chop wood  for heating our Maternity  House in winter, pile this wood, paint the fence and do some other things connected with fixing. 

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