The Сhoir from Arkansas

Сhristmas values in practice


The First Baptist church chorus' ministry from Hot Springs, state Arkansas became a big blessing for us. According to the program they should  have visited different churches in different areas in Ukraine. The places where our foundation is functioning - Kurne station  and Dovbysh village - were also included in the list. Having come to Kurne station our guests had an opportunity to hear about and, which is more productive, to see what is our foundation dealing with. They also brought different stuff which was given as a present to our sewing shop. After a small Ukrainian snack chorus went to Dovbysh nursing home where they could have a chat with the residents of nursing home.

Knowing that our seniors like to sing Americans sang some Christmas songs. Communication, songs created the atmosphere of Christmas, the atmosphere of love, joy and peace. A lot of presents were also hand out among the residents. After a lunch and communication with the staff guests went to Dovbysh Catholic Church, where the chorus concert took place. It's very pleasant that clergymen of this church provided us with everything we needed in preparation and realization the chorus program. A lot of people could hear about Jesus Christ birth and its meaning for us people: 

  "My name is Irina. I am an employee of the charitable foundation "Hope for Everyone". I work with pleasure under the leadership of Svitlana at the Nursing Home. On December 30, at the invitation of Svetlana, an American choir from Arkansas came to us. At first they came to our Nursing Home. They gave their concert in which they put their heart and soul, showed their respect for the elderly, their sympathy and admiration for our seniors. Our senior people really liked the choir. Their incredible voices inspired them, made their way into their hearts, inspired for beautiful memories and faith in life. Then they gave their concert in Dovbysh, at the Catholic church, at the invitation of the clergyman Valdemar. Many people, both adults and children,  came to listen to the performance.


Personally, I really liked it. It is clear that people have come from far-away to bring warmth, goodness, light to every heart. Personally, my heart after the performance felt like a fairy tale. And indeed language does not matter, the main thing is to feel with your heart. I heard them and felt great pleasure. People liked it, too. There were crazy applause. I think that this concert really was God's blessing. They, that is, the choir, managed to warm up evening of a cold winter, and soul, and heart, and hope. Grateful to Svitlana for inviting them to visit us. Thanks to our guests. It will be pleasure to listen once again!"


The word of grattitude on behalf of the team of the charitable foundation " Hope for Everyone":


A visit of Buddy, Janada and our friends from the First Baptist Church, Hot Springs, Arkansas of  Hope for Everyone Ministies in Kurne village was a great encouragement and showed that our ministry is important in human eyes. We believe that this ministry is important in God's eyes, too.


The choir's performance also positively influenced our reputation in Dovbysh. Especially the fact that it took place in the Catholic church showed that we are open to different church denominations in Dovbysh.


For many residents of Dovbysh who attended the concert, it was a huge privilege to meet with American friends and hear the professional singing of the choir. People told us that the young people who shot the concert on the phone showed the video to their parents and acquaintances who did not come to this concert.


Grandmothers from the Nursing Home with tears in their eyes shared with us how important it is for them that people of their distant America came to them "old, forgotten and abandoned even by their relatives and loved ones to celebrate the Birth of Christ.


We hope for further cooperation with all of you, with people who are not indifferent to the pain and suffering of other people and participation in their lives. It is very important! Thank you so much to all of you, who took part in organizing the trip of Choir to Ukraine, for your compassionate hearts and help in the ministry. May the Lord bless you abundantly!


On behalf of the team of the charitable foundation "Hope for everyone",


Svitlana and Marina Shtykh.





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