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Friends from Hot Springs, Arkansas

 In our previous piece of news we wrote about the group of ladies who came to Ukraine to share God's love and bring the Gospel to people of Kurne village.

 Just the next day the ladies left back to the USA after a great work they all did here we were glad to welcome a second group, this time consisting merely of men, in our village. There are many different ways how we can serve God and people around us. These Godly men came to Ukraine to apply their construction skills in practice and help us build a guest house, chop wood  for heating our Maternity  House in winter, pile this wood, paint the fence and do some other things connected with fixing. 

 It needs mentioning that a very important event took place while they stayed here. During Sunday service led by one of the group members, two ladies from our maternity house went in front after a call for repentance. We had been persistently praying about that and God answered our prayers which became an extra proof for us that we were moving in the right direction. PraiseLord!

 The second group also continued to build on what the 1-st group started at the local school. Since there was no balls at all to play with during the classes of physical training, the group leader on behalf of our charitable foundation “Hope for everyone” made a decision to obtain different kinds of sport equipment for school needs. What a pleasure it was to see kids playing basketball, football and other games.

 During all 2 weeks there was eye clinic functioning where every villager could have his eyes tested and get a pair of glasses both for reading and distance. 

 To finish with we would like to express the words of gratitude to Ukraine Challenge, First Baptist Church of Hot Springs, Arkansas, every single man (Donny Moore, Mick Skelton, Carl Hawthorn, Jimmy Schultz, Wallace Yammauchi, Ted Ortigo, and Don Robertson) and woman in 2 teams and personally Ken Wheatley for making it all possible. Praise Lord and thank you again. You will be constantly in our prayers. 




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