Congratulating schoolchildren with the holidays

A play, sweet gifts and football sportswear for  school learners of Kurne

Winter is a wonderful season especially loved by children mostly because of winter holidays, snow, New Year and Christmas. Our charitable foundation “Hope for everyone” together with the young learners from our Sunday school decided to congratulate the children of Kurne by performing a play about our Savior Jesus Christ and, of course, by giving out sweet gifts. It’s worth saying that there is a habit in a local schoo

l to congratulate its students as well (for the money they collect from their parents). But the problem is that not every family can afford to buy a gift that’s why quite a number of children are left without gifts and their joy is not full. Having found out about that we made up our minds to correct this situation and invited all the children to learn more about Christmas and receive sweet gifts.

About 50 kids came accompanied by their parents to a local school to watch a play and no one left it indifferent. What a pleasure it was to see kids’ happy eyes and hear thankful words of their parents.

After the play we on behalf of our foundation presented the teacher of physical training with a set of sportswear for a school football team. Now young footballers can officially represent their school on regional arena.

God is wonderful and we praise His name for the possibility to be a blessing to others. All this would be impossible without our dear friends and their support both financial and spiritual. Thank you on behalf of all village kids for your kindness and sacrificial hearts. 



teacher with a new sportswear1

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