Medication for orphanages

Medication for Dovbysh and Novograd-Volynsk orphanages


Last week our charitable foundation in cooperation with One Heart Church obtained so needed medication for the children of Dovbysh and Novograd-Volynsk orphanages.  This decision was made by pastor Gearl after visiting several orphanages and finding out how poorly they had been supported by the government. There was a need almost in everything.



Winter is coming bringing cold weather together with different kinds of acute respiratory diseases, flues and so on and, since the orphanage is unable to meet all the needs because of the cut budget, its director addressed our foundation with the help request. Knowing what hard times nursing homes and orphanages are experiencing in Ukraine nowadays  we immediately responded to their call for help having provided a targeted aid to the children of the mentioned above orphanages. We sincerely hope that those kids will never need any medication at all and will be praying for their good health during the cold months to come.




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