Sharing the joy of Christmas with the residents of Dovbysh nursing home

A Christmas play and sweet gifts for Dovbysh nursing home

Those who read us know that one of the directions we work in is helping nursing homes. One of them is situated in Dovbysh and very often we go there to visit elderly people bringing them medication, food supplies, cloth, etc… One of the most important things for the residents of nursing homes except for the ones mentioned above is care and attention. They are always happy to see visitors as nothing really much happens in their regular (monotonous) life-style.


Knowing this we decided to congratulate our advanced in years friends and to pay them a visit together with the young learners from our Sunday school. We strongly believe it’s always good to keep a connection between youth and old age that’s why our youth prepared a play and Christmas carols for the residents of Dovbysh nursing home not to feel forgotten or neglected. It was a blessing to see and hear grannies singing along Christmas carols with the children from our Sunday school. After the play and songs children gave out sweet gifts and personally congratulated everyone there with the past holidays.

God is good and our hearts rejoice to see our young learners giving Him praise and being a blessing to others for His glory.

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