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 Marina became a new resident of our maternity home several weeks ago. Now we’ve got 3 ladies in crisis with their kids living in our rehab center.

Marina is 36. She is a mother of 5 kids but is taking care of only one of her children (son Bohdan) at the moment. Being alcohol dependant, living indecent life and having 4 kids she was deprived of parental rights. All her 4 children were taken to orphanage while she found herself in the street with no place to live in, penniless and pregnant with her 5-th child. Being alcohol dependent she was taken to one of the rehabilitation centers for ladies in Ostroh, Western Ukraine. There she realized she didn't want to be parted with her future child and firmly decided to personally bring him up. Since the above mentioned rehab centre was aimed to give shelter to only single ladies without kids they addressed our charitable foundation Hope for everyone with the help request.


Today Marina and her son live in our maternity home. If she is a resident of our rehab centre and follows all prescribed rules she can bring up her son Bohdan without any threaten of him to be taken away by social services. Now we are trying with God’s help to change Marina’s life and the life of her son for the better.

We know it’s not an easy thing to do that’s why we desperately need your support, first a prayer one for God to bless us with wisdom and financial one to meet at least basic needs in  little Bohdan’s care process. May God bless you dear friends and fulfill all your needs.


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