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Luda's story 

Luda is a new resident of our maternity home. She was born in Putylovychi, a small village in Zhitomir region.

The woman is 26. She is a mother of 3 kids but is taking care of only one of her children (daughter) at the moment. Luda first became a mother in the age of 20 when she left her village and moved to Zhitomir for better life and career prospects. Soon afterwards she gave birth to her second child. That was the time when Luda started drinking heavily. Of course, being alcohol dependant, living indecent life she was soon deprived of parental rights. Two of her children were taken to orphanage.

In 2016 she became a mother for the third time and just when the woman was about to be deprived of parental rights for the second time, our foundation “Hope for everyone” lent her a helping hand giving hope for a better life both for her and her kid. While preparing all necessary documentation for her to become a new resident of our maternity home we found out that she was pregnant, so the lady is waiting for her 4-th child at the moment. If she is a resident of our maternity home and follows all prescribed rules she can bring up her children without any threaten of them to be taken away by social services.


Luda is ready to change and become a good mother. She has a dream to finish massage training course and become a massage therapist one day.

The final aim of the rehabilitation program at our maternity home is to help Luda get rid of alcohol addiction through establishing close personal relationships with Jesus. The desire of our hearts is to show how dearly God loves her and her kids. At the end of the program we plan to obtain a house for her and her children and get Luda integrated into our society.  

You can help us help her by prayers or helping our charitable foundation financially. Showers of blessings to you our good friends and many thanks for being with us.

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