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Our live stock program aimed to support our ministry in general and maternity house program in particular is developing. Praise Lord! Those of you who follow us on Facebook and our site are aware of the details , if not, I will shortly refresh them in this article. Moving on in our vision to build a community outreach centre for elderly people, mothers in crisis and the handicapped we soon realized that without a solid food economy it would be next to impossible to reach this goal.

Because of a deep economic crisis it is needless to say about the lack of ambitions from the side of our government officials to help us at least somehow in this vision.


Having this all in mind we decided to cultivate animal farming and grow fruit and vegetables to support our ministry. Today with God’s help we have cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, geese, etc. Quite often, having extra amount of goods we try to help other missions, just as we did last week having brought a pig carcass for a Widow’s House in Chervonoarmiisk where at the moment 5 elderly ladies are taken care of.  It is worth adding that we also closely cooperate with state nursing houses. Several days ago we were visited by a director of one of such houses and our charitable foundation blessed her with 2 piglets to help this lady initiate and implement the live stock program like our one in the state nursing house she administrates.


We wish we could do more being a blessing for many others in the hard times our country is experiencing today. We know God is in power and we are thankful to Him for this wonderful possibility to serve those in need for His glory.





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