Dental help for villagers

"Mercy trucks of Ukraine"


Today’s Ukraine faces a lot of problems in different spheres: social, economic, political, both home and foreign etc. Medical care doesn’t stand aside and leaves way too much to be desired. Preventive medicine which is paid special attention to in developed countries is absolutely neglected in our one. You can double these problems if we speak about villages.

The situation with medical care is so poor there that can easily be called a catastrophe. Most of the villagers visit a dentist one or two times in a lifetime or when the pain becomes unbearable. With all this in mind we just couldn’t stay indifferent and invited “Mercy Trucks” mission. These are dentists who come to a village for several days to give a highly qualified help to all those who need it.


It was a new experience both for us and the villagers so we had started praying for God’s blessing and provision long before that. All together there arrived 10 dentists and we invited the same number of our church friends to assist them. Though it was a tough time as we had to find lodgings for everyone, cook food and arrange everything with village authorities (permission and place for dentists to work in) our hearts were full of joy at the opportunity to help and serve people in Kurne village, to testify them how great, loving and merciful our Heavenly Father is.


We didn’t expect to see so many people coming. Within 3 days more than 100 villagers managed to receive a highly qualified dental help, many of them, most likely, for the first time in their lives.


These days we have been approached by many people from Kurne village asking us when they can visit a dentist again. We told them we are praying about that. You, dear reader, can help us: spiritually, financially or physically.


As for now we are thankful to God for making this all possible, to all our friends who found time and strengths to help and our sponsors for their sacrificial hearts.




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