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Karina was born in Turkmenistan. In the age of 3 she together with her grandmother left for Russia where the girl lived 10 years attending kindergarten and school. During that time her mother married a Ukrainian man and changed her place of residence. Now living in Ukraine she demanded that her daughter should be brought back to her. The grandmother was made to bring her from Russia to Ukraine where since that time she was taken care of by her mom. As the family experienced hard times she had to start working at the age of 15.

More than that, being a citizen of Turkmenistan and having her identification documents stolen she found herself in a very difficult situation. Soon afterwards Karina gave birth to a child and her situation got even worse. Living in Ukraine is not an easy thing by itself. In Karina’s case it became a nightmare. Without identification documents, being a citizen of another country it was impossible for her to receive any help from the government. Her mother repudiated her. She was left alone, neglected, depressed and helpless with no place to go. Just when there was no hope left our foundation “Hope for everyone” was addressed by social services with a request to take Karina to our maternity house. We didn’t hesitate a minute. The main purpose of our rehabilitation program is to reveal God’s love, mercy and grace, to help young mothers in crisis know how great He is through reading of His word.  Now we also assist Karina in coming through different bureaucratic runarounds connected with making of all necessary identification documents for her to have equal with the Ukrainians rights.  


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