Village children

Sunday school starts

Last week we got our Sunday school started. The day appeared to be rainy, cold and dreary but our hearts were full of joy and love for God. Everyone was excited to see kids coming. The topic of Sunday school was opposite to a gloomy weather outside – “God is light”.


It’s worth saying that under the circumstances there was no certain person responsible for leading Sunday school and we faced a problem. Go on or stop for an indefinite period. While praying and meditating over the point we were addressed by quite a number of kids and their parents who persistently asked us about the start or rather continuation of Sunday school. It was an answer. We didn’t hesitate any more.

It was great to see how attentively children listened to Svetlana, writing down Bible verse and trying to memorize it. After closing the lesson with prayer the kids enjoyed tea with biscuits and candies. The time passed quickly. Happy and inspired our little students retired to their homes in order to come back in two weeks’ time.


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