Friends from Hot Springs, Arkansas

Ladies. Reaching out the villagers.

 September is here which means we are glad to welcome our good friends from Hot Springs in Kurne village. God has opened their hearts (8 ladies)to leave their families, churches, habitual way of life and to come to Ukraine far away from the comfort zone they would live in to share God's  love and His Word with the people of  Ukraine.

During one week the team of 8 ladies were busy bringing Gospel to the women of the village and their children, playing with kids, teaching them some English and doing wonderful crafts with them. Among the team members there also was a pediatrician ready to give a qualified help to any child in the villageand Dovbysh orphanage.

 Visiting the local school is worth a separate mentioning since there had been quite a hostile attitude of the school management towards foreigners in general and sharing the Word of God in particular. We had been praying a lot and God softened the principal's heart to let us in and share at least cultural experience with school children and do some crafts during the English classes. 

One of the days was also devoted to visiting of Dovbysh orphanage and Nursing home where the team had an opportunity to become a ray of light for the kids neglected by their own parents and elderly people neglected by the government to bring them sweets, clothes and medication.

What a wonderful and blessed week that was! May God bless your families, life and ministry dear Melissa  Wheeler ,Shannon  Terry, Dawn  Kellar, Mary Harris , Deborah  Wingfield, Andrea  Thrash , Gail  Margis, Mary  Turner.

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