Misha and Max

Hosting two boys from Dovbysh orphanage  for a summer time

These two boys are Max and Misha. They are 10 and 8 correspondingly and both are currently under care of Dovbysh orphanage. Dovbysh orphanage is a specialized school for children from disadvantaged families who spend almost of their time there except summer holidays when all the kids are taken away by the relatives or any other people responsible for them.

Writing all kids I mean all but Max and Misha who have no relatives to take care of them during summer time while the teaching staff are on vacation. As far as we closely cooperate with Dovbysh orphanage the administration of the institution addressed our foundation Hope for everyone with a request to take the boys under our wing till the beginning of the next school year. When we shared this information among the members of our team, one of them immediately volunteered to take the boys in his family for the time needed and show them that they are not alone in this world and there is always Heavenly Father who is great, trustworthy, caring and full of love.

We sincerely hope and pray that this summer will be special both for this family, Misha and Max.

On behalf of Hope for everyone foundation we ask all to support us in this prayer for God to give wisdom, strengths and finances (since the family raises 8 kids of their own) to guide these young people and have a really blessed time together. 

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