Summer day camp "Ray of light" 2016

Summer camp for village kids

Summer moves on and our long-expected and so much prayed of summer camp started several days ago welcoming about 50 village kids to spend a blessed and special time together. These were 6 days of fun, Bible study, making new friends, doing crafts, singing and of course playing different learning games and engaging in sport activities.

The program of the camp was devoted to Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. During almost one week children learnt about the importance of God in everyone’s life, memorized many Bible verses and participated in quizzes thus earning points which they could afterwards exchange for sweets and other stuff during a farewell fair.

While sharing the Good News to kids was our first prerogative, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to testify their parents about our Heavenly Father as well. Our good friends from Novograd and Zhitomir churches volunteered to help us in this evangelization event by preaching, playing and singing Christian music and sharing their testimonies.

6 days passed really fast leaving, we believe, only good memories in children's hearts to cherish for the many years to come. As for us, we would like to express the words of deep gratitude to all those who made this children summer camp possible by being its part this way or another and sacrificing their time and finances. God bless your hearts, dear friends!

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