Bible school break

A little picnic with our young learners


Summer is here which means, we have to take a little break in our Bible school (since most of the  kids are busy helping their parents about the house, in the kitchen garden or grazing cattle), to draw some conclusions and start praying for its continuation in the beginning of the school year. Looking back to the time we spent with our young learners during Bible lessons meditating over the God’s Word, doing crafts and enjoying our communion together in general, we can surely say it was a time of blessing for us and, we sincerely hope, for children as well.

Here it’s worth adding that God is just great and the way He would give us wisdom for sharing Bible with kids and secure His wonderful order in everything is just supernatural.  


Last week at our final (for this summer) Bible school meeting we made a decision to spend it in the open air and organize a little picnic for our young learners. The weather was great (as well as the picturesque scenery around us) which altogether was an extra proof of what an amazing Creator our Heavenly Father is. The children shared their impressions connected with this Bible school year, enjoyed grilled sausages and other treatments and said they would be waiting for the new Bible lessons to come.


We didn’t say good-bye to the kids, we said to them “see you soon”! For all those who supported us with prayer, financially or just with the word of comfort and encouragement we would like to say “Thank you very much, dear friends”.


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