The second Ray of Light children's camp in Dovbysh

Day camp for Ukrainian countryside children.

Summer is the favorite season for many people, and for children this is a special, blessed chapter of life. It's a carefree time of cheerfulness, new acquaintances, friends, interesting games and a casual pastime. Add here Bible study, Christian songs and crafts and you will receive a day-long children's camp, held by the "Hope for Everyone" charitable foundation in the village of Dovbysh.

Дети играют

Children's camp is one of the best ways to reach children's hearts, as not all people in Ukraine can offer their children a quality rest, so they gladly let them go to day camps. Knowing this, we could not help using this opportunity of witnessing about Jesus Christ to over a hundred children of the villages of Kurne Station, Velykiy Lug, Dovbysh.The opening of the camp, attended by friends, preachers, singers, musicians from the jazz orchestra from Zhytomyr and Novograd-Volynsky, was a great inspiration for the camp workers. Taking as a basis the rules of the road and road signs, the leaders' team told the children about the life priorities, the choice of the right decisions, the importance of the presence in the life of Jesus Christ during the week! For memorizing and reciting the verses from the Bible, active participation in sports games, for a quality work, children received points , for which in the end they could buy themselves different things in the camp store. Delicious food served as a pleasant bonus to all this.

The "Hope for Everyone" charitable foundation thanks God for His blessing of this project; all leaders who took an active part in the preparation and conduct of a day camp; drivers involved in the transportation of children and adults; cooks involved in cooking. We also thank personally Pastor Gearl and "One Heart Church ", as well as all people who are not indifferent to our work, without financial assistance, which would not have this project. Please pray for us, for our ministry, and for the seed that was sown in the hearts of the children.

Дети играют на улице





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