Dovbysh Nursing home daily routine

New faces among the residents

Visiting nursing homes earlier we saw the conditions in which people who had worked and lived all their lives for country prosperity. The living conditions were not always good, there were problems with medication, medical supervision, etc. We and our friends always tried to help in such occasions. We didn't think much when a chance appeared to take one of those homes under our guardianship. We experienced a lot of problems connected with doubts and distrust of local authorities but with God's help we went through all that.

Today local social services are recommending us to the  needy, that shows that our ministry is very useful and we do our job perfectly. Currently Ukraine goes through the decentralization reform due to which all social institutions should be supported from the local budgets. Not every region can afford such a supporting, so,  a lot of nursing homes are in the process of closing and their residents are being moved to other places. That's why we happened to have 6 more residents in our nursing home, people who had no place to go. We hope to surround them with care and love and to give them peaceful and secure old age. 

         We give thanks to all our friends who support us, and also ask for prayers about our ministry and all the employees of the " Hope for everyone" foundation, and also that through our ministry all elderly can see God's care about them.


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