"Mercy Trucks Ukraine" in Dovbysh

Dentist help for the needy       

          Although Ukrainians consider itself the habitants of the developed European country, many questions of touching everyday life are simply in catastrophic situation. A problem lies a little more in an economical plane ( although it plays not the last role ), how many in mentality of citizens of our country. Most people got used to search the ways of permission of problems after their origin, but does not begin to think about the necessity of operating under their prevention. All of it as good as possible goes near description of matter-position in the field of health protection. And if it more or less is decided for city-dwellers, then for the habitants of settlements and villages a situation is deplorable.

The last thing to draw attention would be personal health, besides doctors' qualification leaves much to be desired. One of the most painful is the problem with the dentistry. A lot of people can visit a dentist once in a lifetime, but it doesn't mean that they have no problem with their teeth. Visiting the dentist is not a cheap deal, also it takes a lot of time - what is absolutely precious for countryside people. 

          Since our foundation is working mainly with villagers we often face these problems. But thanks to God for his help and guidance in such situations. Two years ago we would invited mission " Mercy Trucks Ukraine" -  the team of professional dentists to        render dentist help for people of Kurne Station. Having positive experience we couldn't but invite them to Dovbysh village, where on the base of Dovbysh Nursing home we could achieve one more project. Productive and of good quality work is a result of a good rest. That's why we carried dentists and their assistants ( volunteers from Novograd- Volynsky baptist church ) to Kurne station. 11 dentists and their volunteers could render different dentist' service in four days to 103 people: Dovbysh nursing home residents and staff, children from orphanage and also Dovbysh villagers. 

      We, charitable foundation " Hope for everyone", are thankful to God for His help in      this project: for solving all questions, connected with dentist' technic functioning, for carrying dentists and volunteers to Kurne station and back, preparing food for all people. We are thankful to  Stepan Terletsky, responsible for the ministry of " Mercy Trucks Ukraine"; mission  Ukraine Challenge, Int., for the financial and medication support, and also to all our friends who support us financially and in prayers.




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