Children of orphanages and shelters

Children of orphanages and shelters

The issue of child abandonment is currently one of the key problems in Ukraine. The number of orphans increases every day, despite the creation of new types of foster families (FTCH), carrying of more information campaigns to attract public attention to this issue, as well as NGO involvement in volunteer activities in this field.

The employees and volunteers of our Foundation consistently take part in various campaigns and activities, which are organized in different orphanages and care homes, both independently and in cooperation with other organizations. Our Foundation provides not only material support in the form of gifts for children, but also carries out all sorts of events and activities for children and staff of different institutions: various educational games and training seminars (regarding: healthy living, ethical values, obtaining success, etc.). 

The future plans of the Foundation include a formation of volunteer groups that will be assigned to the patronized institutions, where they will carry out various activities with children and staff aiming to maintain their all-round development.

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