People with disabilities

People with disabilities

Children and adults with disabilities are one of the vulnerable groups in modern society. This is caused by many factors. The main support for these people is their family. In case of losing a family, these people are losing ground in life.

During the independence period the Soviet stereotypes about "an exceptionally healthy society" has changed in Ukraine. Due to openness and close cooperation with the organizations from the Western countries, there are many increasing opportunities to help not only people with disabilities to adapt to everyday life, but also to help the society to accept these people as full citizens. This is the main task of our Foundation.

We are focused on the work with people with special needs, who are deprived of parental care.

When children have parents, they feel secure, protected and cared for.

Our task is to help them to feel needed, full and fitted citizens of Ukraine.

In this direction, the Foundation provides the following activities:

  • Providing the respective living conditions;
  • Rehabilitation program depending on the health condition of a client of our center;
  • Providing psychological support to patients n order to overcome personal and group conflicts;
  • Organization of leisure time;
  • Cultural events;
  • Work therapy.

It is work therapy which plays a special role in the integration of people with disabilities in the society. People with special needs are full members of the society, often very gifted. Our task is to help them open up and feel their personal value.

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