Maternity House

Maternity House

Maternity House - is a multi-stage rehabilitation program for women, who have outgrown the age of residence in their orphanages and find themselves in a crisis situation due to the occurrence of an unplanned pregnancy.


The main objectives of the program are the following:

  • Social and psychological support of women who find themselves in crisis situations;
  • Introduction of the established ethical and moral values through Bible study groups and seminars;
  • Teaching basic life skills (cooking, cleaning and housekeeping);
  •  Work therapy - farming with the aim of working day management skills development and learning to manage their own household in the future, which contributes to better socialization of women in their village life;
  • Teaching women of modern technologies of their own business (embroidery, knitting, patchwork, etc.).

The target audience of the program includes orphaned women, as well as women having babies without their own place to live. A woman stays at our maternity house until her child turns three years old. During the whole period of living at the Social Center, the women are provided with food, accommodation, articles of daily necessity, as well as medical care.

The Center provides baby-sitting and child-minding during a mother’s employment.

Every woman who is undergoing rehabilitation is obliged to strictly adhere to the rules on which the program operates.

The best graduates of the program will have an opportunity to get their own homes in the village.


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